Money from Sweden is an independent, government-funded website that aims to present the costs related to sending money abroad. This website does not endorse any individual bank or agent that offers these services. Its purpose is rather to compare the companies on the Swedish market so that you as the consumer yourself can decide on which company or service is most suitable to meet your needs.

All data in this website is gathered through mystery shopping, in other words we have hired a research firm to gather data on all related costs by acting as a customer. We measure only what happens on the occasion in question, and nothing else. As a user, you should not make a purchase decision based solely on the information presented here, since actual costs may vary. We therefore advise you to not to accept the figures presented as facts, but as pointers that need to be further investigated by you the consumer. The website is run and administered by the Swedish Consumer Agency. If you find any factual or technical errors on the website, please let us know about it so we can correct the error as quickly as possible.

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