Money from Sweden

Facts and Statistics

The average fee for sending 1000 kronor to the countries included in our data collection was almost 19 percent in November 2014. To send 3000 kronor, the fee was 9 percent. Now after a few years of operation, these costs have begun to decline, but costs can still be high.

Fees vary widely among companies and services. Where one company can offer a service almost for free, another company takes almost half of the transferred amount in fees.

Money from Sweden is aimed to increase the transparency in the remittance market and lower the cost of transferring money abroad. Hopefully the site will contribute to the overall goal of helping consumers to make the best choice of service and company, ensuring that more money comes to those who need it.

From June 2018, on Money from Sweden, you can compare costs for sending 1000, 3000 and 5000 kronor. We show fees, how long it takes and how you can transfer the money.

Last reviewed:June 4, 2021

The service is run by the Swedish Consumer Agency and is certified by the World Bank.

Money from Sweden is a government-funded online service that compares the fees and exchange rates for transfers abroad. The web service is free, completely independent of all players in the market and is operated by the Swedish Consumer Agency.[MFS] Logo - World bank