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What you will find on the price comparison page

When you compare prices at Money from Sweden, you will see how much it costs to transfer money to a specific country. We show the major companies that offer the service of transferring money to the country of your choice. We show three examples: the transfer of 1 000, 3 000 or 5 000 crowns. You cannot choose a different amount.

The green section shows how much money will be received 

Our service shows how much of the selected amount will actually be transferred. You will see this amount in the green section. In the red section, you will see how much will be deducted for set fees and the currency conversion rate. Almost all companies also charge a fee for converting to the local currency in the receiving country.  

How long will the transfer will take 

Under Speed, you can see how long each company takes to transfer the money.  

You can sort the results list by the fastest or the cheapest transfer. 

Warning triangle for hidden data 

A warning triangle and an exclamation mark indicate a company that has not answered our questions. This means there might be hidden costs. If you select such a company, it is important to find out exactly how much of your money will be transferred from Sweden on the date you have selected for the transfer. 

Does not show extra costs in the receiving country 

Currently we cannot determine whether any extra costs will be charged in the receiving country when withdrawing the money. You will need to ask the company about this. 

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Source: Konsumentverket

Last reviewed: September 27, 2023

The service is run by the Swedish Consumer Agency and is certified by the World Bank.

Money from Sweden is a publicly funded web service that compares fees and currency exchange rates for transfers abroad. The web service is free and is completely independent of all commercial interests.[MFS] Logo - World bank