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Money from Sweden

Information for banks and other financial institutions

Procedures for data collection

Price information is collected monthly from companies by the Swedish Consumer Agency. A data collector acts as a customer in order to get the same information that a customer would receive.

  1. The following questions are asked during data collection?

  2. How much does it cost to send 1 000/3 000/5 000 SEK to X?

  3. What is the exchange rate, if I send the money now?

  4. How long does it take for the money to arrive?

  5. How can I send money? (Online, at an office, by phone, etc.)

  6. How can the recipient collect the money? (Cash, online, ATM, etc.)

  7. Where can the recipient collect the money? (Nationwide, main cities etc.)

  8. Does it cost anything for the recipient to collect the money?

  9. Is there anything else I need to know as a customer?

Non-transparent service - Grey-zone

Some services are non-transparent and are placed at the bottom of the price comparison page at Money from Sweden. This occurs when important information is missing. A service is considered as non-transparent if one of the following applies:

  1. The service fee is not disclosed

  2. The operator's exchange rate is not disclosed before the transaction is completed. (Exception: Operators that provide a daily rate and inform the customer that some price variation may occur due to fluctuating exchange rates will not be classified as non-transparent.)

  3. If a company can’t answer a definite yes or no to whether there is a collection fee for the recipient.

Which companies are included on Money from Sweden?

Money from Sweden only includes companies that account for the majority of the money flow to each country.

If your company wishes to be included in Money from Sweden, you can register your interest via the contact form. Your wish is then noted and taken into consideration. If a company offers remittance services, no consideration will be made to requests to be removed from Money from Sweden.

Last reviewed:June 7, 2021

The service is run by the Swedish Consumer Agency and is certified by the World Bank.

Money from Sweden is a government-funded online service that compares the fees and exchange rates for transfers abroad. The web service is free, completely independent of all players in the market and is operated by the Swedish Consumer Agency.[MFS] Logo - World bankKonsumentverket logotyp - exakt