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Money from Sweden

Tips for your personal finances

You can keep track on your personal finances by following our tips on consumer services offered to you as an individual.

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Hallå konsument - a consumer service guide

Through Hallå konsument, you can receive free guidance on questions about buying goods and services. On the Hallå konsument website, you can learn about how to complain when something has gone wrong, how to undo a purchase, and how to protest against a faulty invoice. As a Swedish authority, we know what rights you have as a consumer. Hallå konsument can help you with:

  • Answer questions about purchases of goods and services, complaints and consumer legislation.

  • Inform you about your rights as a consumer.

  • Give you guidance before a purchase.

  • Provide advice on how you can do a purchase with environmental sustainability in mind

  • Help you further when you have questions about or problems with cross-border retailing or trade.

  • Help you find experts at other authorities, consumer agencies and municipal consumer guidance.

Information and guidance in English at hallåkonsument.se

Koll på pengarna - a magazine

The magazine Koll på pengarna is filled with tips and advice on how to plan your personal finances. In the magazine you will find information on how to make a budget and what to consider regarding large expenses in your household such as food, housing, car, insurance, and much more. The Swedish Consumer Agency produces new calculations every year. More information on how the calculations are made can be found on the Swedish Consumer Agency's website (in Swedish only) The magazine Koll på pengarna is available in Swedish, English, Arabic, Persian and Somali.

Koll på pengarna in English on the Swedish Consumer Agency's website

Cost calculations on the Swedish Consumer Agency's website

Budget and debt advisors

All municipalities in Sweden have a budget and debt advice service that is offered to you. You can get help with:

  • Plan your finances and make a monthly budget

  • Manage and prioritize your debts

  • Contact those you owe money to or are in debt with

  • Receive support before, during, and after a debt restructuring

The budget and debt advisor has a duty of confidentiality. The advice is free of charge and adapted to your financial situation. Some municipalities also offer a consumer guidance service through an official and dedicated person. They will be able to give you guidance on your rights when you purchase goods and services. You can find your municipality’s budget and debt advisor on your municipality's website or by visiting Hallå konsument’s website. If you would like to know more about budget and debt advice in general, read the brochure Går din ekonomi inte ihop? You can download it on the Swedish Consumer Agency's website. The brochure is available in Swedish, English, Arabic, Persian and Somali.

The brochure går din ekonomi inte ihop? on the Swedish Consumer Agency's website

Find your municipal budget and debt advisor on hallåkonsument.se

Making a budget

In the Swedish Consumer Agency's budget calculation, you can fill in information about your finances and find how different changes in your economy will affect you. It is a good tool for getting a holistic view of your finances. It is a good idea to have facts and numbers about your finances available before making your household budget, for example recent months expenses, bank statements, and even maybe your most recent income declaration. The budget calculation is in Swedish only.

The budget calculation on the Swedish Consumer Agency's website