This is Money from Sweden

Money from Sweden is a state-financed web service that compares charges and exchange rates for transfers to other countries. In Sweden there are many banks, companies, agents and financial institutions that allow you to send money abroad. Our task is to find the cheapest and fastest service for you. The service is free and independent of the actors in the market and is run by the Swedish Consumer Agency.


Our goal is to promote openness and healthy competition in the market for sending money abroad, called transfers or remittances.

We also want to draw attention to the important role that people play in the development of many parts of the world by sending money to their families and relatives. 

The Swedish Consumer Agency’s Money from Sweden service is based on a commission from the government, which in turn was asked to do so by the United Nations. The World Bank and the United Nations have observed that it is very expensive to send money abroad. By means of price comparison services we want to bring costs down so that more money reaches the recipients.