What does it cost to send money?

The cost of sending money abroad often varies because every company is allowed to set its own fees. The companies that offer a transfer service to other countries charge money for doing so. When the transfer has been made, they also make a charge for converting the money to the recipient country’s local currency. How much the fees are varies widely in many cases.

Vad kostar det?
You should find this out before you send money abroad so as not to miss any fees:

  • Find out how much is deducted in fixed fees for the transfer and for converting the money. A company that has low fees for one thing may charge more for something else. 
  • Always ask if any money is charged in the recipient country when you make a transfer. 
  • Remember to count all the costs. It is how much money the recipient receives that is important.

Count all the costs:

  • Fee for the transfer itself
  • Fee for converting the money, called a conversion charge
  • Costs to receive the money