This is what you can see on the comparison page

On the price comparison page you can see which of the major companies offer funds transfers to the country you are enquiring about. We account for how much of your chosen amount actually gets transferred. The amount is the one you see in the green field. In the red area, you will see how much has been subtracted from the amount due to fees and the exchange rate. All companies will take a fee to exchange to the local currency of the recipient country. We also report how long each company has indicated that it will take before the money arrives. You can sort the whole list of results based on the fastest and cheapest supplier. In case any company stated cannot answer the questions you have as a customer, the company is marked with an exclamation point, as hidden charges can apply. If you choose any of these companies, ask exactly how much of your money will be transferred from Sweden on the date you choose to send money.

You also have the possibility to, under each individual company, expand extra information about their particular service, any other services they offer regarding the country you are enquiring about and find information about their own website to read more.

Currently, we have no way to see if there are any extra costs in the recipient’s country connected to them collecting the money, yet it is something you ask each company you are considering using.

 Read more about this here: Disclaimer