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Money from Sweden

Opening a bank account/Identifying yourself at the bank

When you wish to open a bank account the bank must check who you are. The reason why the bank has to do this and also ask the customers questions is so that no one can do anything illegal, such as money laundering, through the bank.

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The bank checks your identity in two steps:

  1. First you have to state your name. This is in order for the bank to be able to determine if you are in a political position that means that you risk being exploited, for example for bribery. The bank will also want to investigate other things that may involve a risk for them.

  2. The bank will then want to see proof that you are the person you say you are. The bank can do this in several different ways. The following Swedish identity documents are valid:

  • Swedish driving licence

  • Swedish passport

  • Swedish identity card (ID) issued to the customer by a Swedish authority.

  • Other certified Swedish identity card.

If you do not have a Swedish identity document, the bank is to look at a foreign identity document if you have one. This can for example be:

  • A foreign passport

  • Another identity document. It is important that the passport or identity document has a photographer of you and information about your citizenship. You must have received the passport or identity document from an authority or other authorised issuer.

If you do not have a valid identity document, the bank must verify your identity by means of other reliable documents and other checks. What exactly this involves is not officially stated but can vary from case to case and depends on how great a risk the bank considers the new customer to represent for them. Speak to the bank and they will advise you. If you cannot agree and you are refused a bank account, you can apply to the Public Consumer Complaints Board and have your case examined free of charge.